24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (2024)

Okay, confession, I’ve never been to a proper bachelorette party in my life, but boy, have I dreamed about it.

To be fair, I’m only 26 (still a teenager, really), and my friends are just barely starting to date.

Even though nobody in my circle is ready to take that next step, it hasn’t stopped me from doing some extensive planning and research on bachelorette party theme ideas. When the day finally comes, I know I can throw my friends the most epic, amazing, and perfect bachelorette party!

I thought I might as well share my impeccable party theme ideas with y’all too, since I won’t be able to utilize any of them for a few years.

There are a lot of different kinds of brides with different vibes! I put together a list of bach party ideas fit for everyone from the low-key girlie to the party hard gal and even the Taylor Swift stan.

To make it easier for your bride, I categorized the ideas into different sections so she can shop and find her favorite party theme idea faster. Let’s start with my favorite!

Aesthetic Themes

Aesthetic themes are my favorite for any party, but especially for a bachelorette weekend because the photos are going to be amazing!

If you have a bride who really enjoys a more low-key kind of gathering with upscale details, then you need to make their bachelorette party themes classy, and aesthetic themes are always classy in one way or another.

Here are a few of my favorites that scream classy and couture (I gave each idea bachelorette party theme names FYI).

1. Bridal & Beautiful

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (1)

It’s the OG of all the party themes. This themed bachelorette is a favorite amongst most people as it’s elegant, simple, fun, and not insanely stressful.

The bridal & beautiful party has the classic detailings of pink or white “bride to be” sashes, mimosas, maybe a nice early night dinner at a low-lit restaurant, and massages.

Everyone attending this themed party should feel pampered and in their rich girl era.

If you’re doing an entire weekend of celebrations, this theme would be the best to start out with, as it requires easy-to-find decorations and games.

2. Zenned Out

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (2)

I personally want my bachelorette party to feel like a rejuvenating heavenly escape, which is why I added this theme.

The Zenned Out themed bachelorette party is all about a relaxing weekend meant to make the bride feel extra special and serene before her big day. There are some fun party favors you can do too!

Make sure to include sound baths, yoga, smoothies & acai bowls, and at least one hot tub. I suggest having your bach party at a hot springs or Korean spa (women only) if possible to really emphasize relaxation all weekend long.

3. Beachside

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (3)

You can’t go wrong with a beachside theme. It’s the perfect bachelorette idea for the bride who likes to party or the bride who likes to chill.

If you’re not near an ocean, you can also opt for a mermaid themed bachelorette party and still get the full vibes of a beachside celebration.

For this theme, I highly recommend a One Last Splash” with some fun tropical drinks,fun accessories, decorations, a pool or beach to lounge beside, and at least one full day dedicated to getting your tan on.

You can also pick up some party cups, maybe a few ping-pong balls and drinking games, and have some fun under the sun! Plus, this gives some creativity to bachelorette outfit themes – everyone can do their take on beach!

4. Glitz & Glam

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (4)

Say hello to Old Hollywood! The Glitz & Glam theme brings back the classy, dramatic looks of old Hollywood and makes for an amazing and unique bachelorette party that everyone can have a lot of fun with.

(If you can, this party theme would be iconic in New York City at night, or a last disco!)

To really pull this bach theme off, everyone needs to dress to the nines as if they’re headed to an award show back in 1953. There needs to be a red carpet rolled out for the bride, and at least one fake “Oscar” to present at the end of the night!

5. Garden Gals

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (5)

A whimsical, garden bachelorette theme is a true dream of mine. This idea is perfect for summer or spring weddings and the outfits for it are endless!

To do this theme up right, you’ll need mismatched glassware, thrifted plates, lace tablecloths, and some fun garden games like cornhole, horseshoes, and (of course) croquet.

Pick a beautiful sunny day for this party and hire a photographer because these photos are going to be timeless.

Fun Themes

There is a never-ending list of bachelorette party themes to pick from on the World Wide Web, but only a few stand out as undeniably iconic and fun!

I found and concocted some of the best bachelorette party ideas for those who LOVE a fun theme and are looking for a final fiesta that feels like a true party.

6. Barbie Babes

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (6)

With it being the year of Barbie, it makes total sense to throw a Barbie-themed bachelorette party! This fun theme is a great one to dress up for and you can really go crazy with pink, glittery decor.

Have every person in the bridal party dress up as a different Barbie and then make some soon-to-be viral TikToks!

I think this look would be the perfect themed party for a fun night out on the town with all the girls in Barbie costumes where you could do some bar hopping and maybe hit up an ice cream parlor or two.

7. Texas Cowgirl

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (7)

The Texas Cowgirl is one of those bachelorette party ideas and themes that you can do in any state, any time, but BOY, does it hit different if you do it in Texas.

Get your girls some cowboy hats, cowboy boots, these amazing bridal cowboy drink covers, and make sure you find at least one horseshoe game to play.

Oh, you can also upgrade this theme and make it a disco cowgirl party with sparkly skirts, disco ball decorations, these amazing neon cowboy hats, and a rented-out rollerskate rink!

If you do pick this theme, check out Kara’s guide on the perfect Austin Texas bachelorette party and you’ll be well on your way to having the time of your life!

8. Summer Camp

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (8)

Being from Colorado, I have a lot of friends who love the outdoors, but how do you incorporate that into a party? Easy.

Throw them a summer camp bachelorette party complete with cabins, overnight camp games, and a campfire with marshmallows and whiskey-themed drinks. Something fun I’ve seen on TikTok that takes it to the next level? A Parent Trap themed summer camp party!!

It should feel like you’re all 13 again and you’re at your first “overnight” camp for the summer, but this time… you can drink!

I would love to spend a weekend with friends up in the mountains playing UNO late into the night, enjoying a nearby lake, and celebrating the bride without the noise of the city.

9. Rainbow Rally

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (9)

Although my oldest sister is already married (I was too young to go to her bach party) she would have jumped to do this theme had she thought of it.

The rainbow rally is one of those simple theme ideas that doesn’t take a lot of prep work and you can find all sorts of decorations for it. Essentially, everyone in your bridal party will pick a color and dress up in it!

They can also bring food or drinks in their chosen colors to emphasize their color coordination.

For this theme, pick up easy rainbow decorations to adorn your space and, if you’re up for it, have a paint party!

This theme would be great for those who want to have a kid-friendly bachelorette party and are looking for something that everyone can enjoy all day long.

10. 007

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (10)

The name is Bride – Bride to Be. I LOVE this theme idea.

If you’re looking for fun, but classy party ideas, the Bond Girl party is for you. Not only can you and all your girls dress up in super sleek LBDs, but you can hit the town and act like total baddies.

Make the party even more fun with Bond inspired games like a secret mission to find a special note the Groom has written the bride or trying to figure out which of the bridesmaids is the spy.

I highly recommend going all in with this theme and getting walkie-talkies, some fun spy gadgets, and many a dry (and dirty) martini.

11. 80s Workout

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (11)

If you’re on the hunt for bachelorette party theme ideas funny edition, the 80s workout is definitely a good choice.

Starting with the outfits, everyone must rock a super high cut one piece with colorful leggings underneath, a sweatband, and a ponytail so high it hurts.

Classic 80s pop music is a requirement to play on the stereo all evening long and it would be iconic if you took the gang to one of those goat or puppy yoga classes in your full garb. (If you do this, please send me a photo.)

I recommend recording a spoof 80’s workout video with all your girls in your outfits, so you have a super cool memory to rewatch.

12. Met Gala

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (12)

A lot of people have fun little Oscar parties where they all dress up and watch the event, but nobody does Met Gala parties, and a bachelorette bash is the perfect opportunity for this.

In terms of bachelorette party outfit themes, this one is my favorite.Someone can be Kim Kardashian in the Marilyn dress, another can be Jared Leto in the catsuit, and the list goes on and on.

Top off the night with a photoshoot by a staircase and fake red carpet interviews with all the bridesmaids talking about their outfits and what they’re looking forward to for the wedding.

13. Pajama Party

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (13)

Out of all the fun themed bachelorette parties to pick from, this one is perfect for the lazy ladies who enjoy a nice night in watching too many movies and eating good snacks while STILL having the time of their lives.

Everyone obviously needs matching PJ sets, personal popcorn, and some fun sleep masks for a perfect night. A great game to play would be a drinking game correlating with the bride’s favorite movie and some fun pranks for whoever falls asleep first!

14. R.I.P to the Bride’s Last Name

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (14)

There are almost too many ideas for bachelorette party themes on TikTok, but this one really stood out to me and needed to make the list.

It’s a funeral party for the Bride’s last name! Similar to the 007 theme, your girls can dress up in LBDs or black attire (which they can re-wear later to the rehearsal dinner.)

Although a little dark, this theme would be super fun with some R.I.P. Single Life decorations and a send-off with the bridesmaids giving a little speech mourning the last days of the bride’s last name.

15. Eras Tour

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (15)

For all the Swifties out there, and there are a lot of them, the perfect party bachelorette would be an Eras Tour themed one.

I have to make another confession: I am not a Swiftie, but I respect the craft and sheer power of Taylor Swift’s fanbase. I also think you guys would throw one hell of an Taylor Swift bachelorettethemed Eras Tour party if given the chance.

To do this theme up right, get your best Taylor Swift DJ on the speaker and get all your guests to dress up as one of her songs.

Get your bride this amazing Taylor Swift banner to really set the scene.

For anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously, consider hitting the town dressed liked Guy Fieri or a bunch of grandmas.

Destination Themes

There are a ton of ideas for parties, including destination ideas. Now, not everyone can splurge and take their entire crew out of state (or country), so these destination themes can be either literal or figurative.

You can create all these options right at home, or you can take the leap and actually go to Vegas, Disney, etc.Whatever you decide, your party is going to be unforgettable!

16. Vegas

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (16)

I mean… obviously. Shots, clubs, DJ sets at the pool party, you name it. Vegas is the place to be for a bachelorette party! You can dress up, have fun, and let loose.

Vegas has also become a lot more family-friendly, so if you’re not in the mood to go totally ballistic, you can opt for super luxurious dinners, a spa day, and be asleep before midnight.

Side note: if you’re in Vegas and have a car, take your crew to the Area 15 spot off the strip. This has one of my FAVORITE interactive art “exhibits” called OmegaMart, created by Meowwolf. It’s super trippy, super fun, and incredible to see.

17. Disney

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (17)

Another iconic pick for a bach party, Disney has all sorts of fun activities and a full day of things to do with your team.

You can do bachelorette party color themes based on the bride’s favorite character and have everyone dress up in that color palette or as other characters (but be aware, you can’t fully dress up as a character in the Disney Parks).

This idea has a lot of wiggle room for fun and magic, and, if your bride is open to it, it’s also very kid-friendly!

18. Around the World

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (18)

This theme is more figurative than literal (unless you’re doing a weeklong extravaganza and spending the big bucks.)

The around-the-world theme works best as a potluck for bigger parties. I suggest having everyone bring different food from different parts of the world! One person can be in charge of the French baguettes, another can bring Russian-inspired drinks (so just straight vodka), and another can bring the Italian dinner.

Let your bridesmaids celebrate their cultures and bring something that celebrates their heritage to the party.

It would also be fun to set up different parts of the party in different “parts” of the world. For example, the main dining area could be set as Antarctica, and the party section could be set as the rainforests in Cancun.

19. Summer in Europe

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (19)

All I want is to have a dinner party in the South of France out in the garden with lots of cheese and lots of wine.

And I know I’m not alone. The summer in Europe theme is ideal for summer weddings and celebrations. Whether in Europe or not, it’s pretty easy to find a grassy field, mismatched tableware, and moody candles.

This theme requires a lot of wine, pasta, and conversation. It would be the perfect cap to a weekend bachelorette party where everyone is ready to go home and have one last hurrah.

20. New Orleans

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (20)

For the team bride who doesn’t want to go all out in Vegas, but still wants to have a little fun, then a New Orleans party is an absolute must.

From the food to the culture and nightlife, New Orleans is a great place for a group of girls to have an incredible weekend.

Personally, I would hit up a beignet place in the morning, go on a ghost tour with the girls in the afternoon, grab some beers to enjoy on the streets, and then hit up a jazz club or two at night.

The music is unmatched in New Orleans and the soul of the city is going to keep your entire party having the time of their lives.

21. Pink Paradise

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (21)

Similar to the Barbie theme, the pink paradise is about everything pink, girlie, and fun.

All the girls need pink bathing suits, pink sunglasses, pink drinks with pink umbrellas in them…you get the point.

I think this theme would KILL at the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs, but it would also be a great pick for beach bachelorette themes that you can do at any resort or sandy oasis!

P.s check out Kara’s list of 17 California spots to have your bachelorette.

Show Themes

There’s no better way to bond with your bride’s maids than with a show-themed bachelorette party and I picked some of the best.

Whether you’re looking for something whimsical, romantic, or just plain fun, a show-themed party is always a good choice.Let me tell you about the best of the best that I found!

22. Bridgerton

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (22)

I know a lot of us wish we could be born in the olden times and wear extravagant dresses that we take to extravagant balls, which is why the Bridgerton experience has captivated the hearts of so many people.

The best way to do this theme is to have everyone dress in floor-length gowns with fur pelts, massive wigs, and too much blush.You can also play around with a masquerade ball and have the bride be the Queen! Make sure to keep things moody with low lighting, lots of candles, and (to really seal the deal) hire a string quartet to play classical music.

23. Harry Potter

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (23)

Of course I had to include one of the most iconic book and movie series for this list.

A Harry Potter-themed party comes with endless decorations and games to pull directly from the books.Each guest should be dressed in their respective house garb (Griffendor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, etc) with stuffed owls to accompany them throughout the party.

If you can, take this party to Universal and really go all out in the Harry Potter world!If you can’t go to Universal, host a quidditch game in your backyard and don’t forget everybody’s wands and brooms.

24. Mamma Mia

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (24)

My my, how can I forget this theme?Basing your bachelorette party off of the Mama Mia movies will undoubtedly give you one of the sweetest, most fun events of your life.

Just thinking about this theme makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Get some themed party decorations, pump up the Abba, and make a night of it.

There should be lots of dancing, lots of singing, and you should definitely have your mom at this party.

Well, we’ve come to the end, my friends. These are my top 24 picks for bachelorette-themed parties that I think would be iconic, super fun, and create memorable moments that you’ll be able to share and cherish for years to come.

Let me know if you decide to do one of these themes for an upcoming party! Also, which one was your favorite? Do you think I missed some major themes that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

24 Totally Fun Bachelorette Party Themes, Decor Ideas & More (2024)
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