5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (2024)

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Written By Mariano Clement Gupana

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5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (3)

A hub of urbanization, the Tyler metropolitan area is home to a number of gems in the way of local farms and ranches. Whenever I visit this East Texas region, or – to be frank – any part of the Lone Star State, I like to explore the farming scene and check out local producers in the area. I particularly enjoy visiting cattle farms and orchards and seeing what unique goods I can learn about (and pick up!).

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If you’re near the area, you must head to one (or a few) of these Tyler farms and gardens. Producing fresh fruits, veggies, and meats, these spots offer products that excel in quality and are far tastier than what you can find on your supermarket’s shelves.

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  1. Collum Tudor Farms

Collum Tudor Farms specializes in raising cattle and growing fresh organic produce. The farmers can often be seen at farmers' markets around the Tyler metro area. If you ever catch them at one of these markets, you’ll be delighted by the wide variety of food products they offer. This family-owned farm prides itself on its hands-on approach to taking care of its livestock. What’s more, they also sell baked goodies such as zucchini bread, cookies, and gingerbread loaves – yum!

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5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (4)

Offering fresh produce, meats and baked goods, Collum Tudor Farms is a must-visit.

Address: 13065 County Road 285, Tyler, 75707

Contact: (903) 426-2461

2. Lindsey Farms

Lindsey Farms provides its customers with aged hand-cut steaks and juicy chicken meat that is bursting with flavor. Boasting years of experience raising livestock, this family-owned farm offers a wide selection of meats. If you’re interested in purchasing from them, you can place your order online on their website. They sell USDA Prime, Choice and Select, marinated steaks, pre-made specialty marinades, stew meat, cutlets, ground beef (how long does beef last?), marinated chicken, and much more.

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5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (5)

Lindsey Farms offers value for your money by providing their customers with high-quality meats straight from their farm.

Address: County Road 118, Bullard, TX 75757

Contact: (903) 316-7025

3. Corazon Natural Beef

Corazon Natural Beef is dedicated to providing its customers with quality beef products that are free from antibiotics, hormones and other harmful chemicals. This focus on raising livestock the natural way stems from owner Don Palecek’s years of experience as a cattle farmer – in fact, Palecek is part of the third generation in a long line of cattle farmers. Fancy checking out this meatery? They offer steaks, ribs, ground beef, single-serve packets of hamburger patties, and more. All their products can be ordered online or you can find them at Athens Farmers Market.

5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (6)

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Quality all-natural beef products are what you can expect from Corazon Natural Beef.

Contact: (903) 740-3502 | corazonnaturalbeef.com

4. Cut Beef

Providing grass-fed and grain-finished beef to the Tyler community, Cut Beef truly raises the bar when it comes to cattle farming. Owners Scott Herod and Jeff Munn raise their cows using rotational grazing methods. This means their cattle receive an optimal amount of nutrition from healthy pesticide-free pastures. What’s more, their cows are not fed any antibiotics or growth hormones. Cut Beef offers both bulk and small orders of cutlets, ground beef, roasts, steaks, and fajita meat. Vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen, their meats are always guaranteed to be fresh from the farm.

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5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (7)

Cut Beef has been providing high-quality meat products since 2014.

Address: 4525 Old Bullard Rd, Tyler, TX 75703

Contact: (903) 405-7400

5. Winona Orchards

Northeast of the Tyler Metro Area is Winona Orchards. Home to over two thousand peach, blueberry and blackberry trees, this fruit farm continues to commit to the standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). As a result, this orchard produces an array of high-quality, flavorful fruits. They usually sell their harvest at St. Michael’s Farmers Market or Clearfork Farmers Market, and during the summer months, you can also check them out at Tyler Farmers Market, Rose City Farmers Market, and many other wholefood markets in East Texas.

If you’re looking for the tastiest farm-fresh fruits, Winona Orchards is the place to visit.

Address: 16708 CR 356, Winona, TX 75792

Contact: (844) 893-7848

If you live in and around the Tyler Area, then it’s time to look beyond your regular supermarket stops. There are a huge range of farms and ranches in the area offering wonderfully fresh local produce that’s both delicious and nutritious. Head down to one today!

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Mariano Clement Gupana

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5 Best Tyler Farm And Garden You Must Visit | Explore East Texas (2024)
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