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Do you have any plan to go to a celebration party for someone special like your best friend? If so, make sure you are not coming empty-handed. It would be great to gift them a present to fulfill their happiness after achieving their goals. You can rely on a flower money bouquet that never goes wrong as a present for many occasions. Unlike the mediocre ones, you can gift them a flower bouquet for money.

Money Bouquet

Flower Money Bouquet : The Best Gift for Many Occasions (2)

There are many ways to congratulate someone. You can go with warm words or a special gift. If the decision is to give them a special gift, you can consider some gift ideas like a flower bouquet that is easy to find yet affordable because it comes with many designs and prices.

A bouquet is a gift that is given to someone who celebrates something like their engagement, wedding, career achievement, and many more. Generally, a bouquet comes with a real flower or imitation flower but if you want something new to make the person you gift the bouquet impressed, a money bouquet is a perfect choice.

Flower Money bouquet is the answer if you look for a gift that is a bit extraordinary and unique. Moreover, you don’t need to worry because the message behind it is still the same as the original bouquet that uses flowers on it.

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Maybe some of you wondering why the message behind a money bouquet is similar to a flower bouquet that we have been seen at a celebration party. It’s because money bouquets are usually created like the original flower bouquet. In order words, a money bouquet is the representation of a flower bouquet. Therefore, the message of congratulating someone for their happiness is the same.

What makes a flower money bouquet interesting is that you can organize how much money that you want to be crafted until it becomes a beautiful gift. Furthermore, different from a bouquet that is made of flowers, a money bouquet won’t be withered so you don’t need to worry if the flower money bouquet ends up in the trash. Someone who is gifted by flower money bouquet can use the real money on it for their favors.

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Flower Money Bouquet is Perfect for Many Occasions

Flower Money Bouquet : The Best Gift for Many Occasions (3)

After knowing the definition of a flower money bouquet, you might wonder whether bringing a flower bouquet that is made of money is a good idea or not. The answer is absolute yes!

Flower Money bouquet is nowadays’ trend that is used anywhere. There is nothing weird about it so you can go with it as a present for your special ones.

As same as the message, among bouquet that made of flower or a bouquet that made of money can be used for many occasions such as:

  1. Engagement Party: An engagement is one step closer ahead to a marriage. Many couples usually hold engagement parties to celebrate their happiness. In order to congratulate them, you can gift them a flower money bouquet whose meaning is the same as the original flower bouquet.
  2. Graduation: Nothing can beat the happiness when you finally pass out the school or college years after struggling with the examination that spent your energy. It’s the best moment to be celebrated, so if you want to be a part of their win day, you can gift them a flower money bouquet.
  3. Birthday Party: Stepping into a new age is a massive achievement for some people. You may be confused about choosing what gift suits them well. Run out of idea? You can gift them a flower money bouquet that is not only beautiful to look at but also useful.
  4. Valentine gift: Getting tired of an ordinary gift for your lover and you want something unpredictable instead of the mediocre one? Why not giving them a bouquet that is made of money? They would be surprised by a gift like this at a great moment like Valentine Day.
  5. For parents: Raising a child is not easy. As an adult, you realize that the existence of your parents is indeed necessary. Delightfully have them as your parents, you might consider giving them a present but run out of ideas. A flower money bouquet is one of the options you can choose as a way to express how blessed you are for having them beside you.

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How to Make Money Flower Bouquet

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Same as a bouquet that uses a flower or imitation flower, a flower money bouquet can be found anywhere. You can shop it at a florist by asking them to craft the flower money bouquet according to what you want and how you want it to look. Feel free to customize it.

Run out of budget to buy a flower money bouquet for a special occasion? Instead of ordering it from a florist or craftsman, you can also make it by yourself. Crafting a flower money bouquet is easy. Follow these guidances to make the most beautiful flower money bouquet without spending too much budget on it:

  1. First, provide items you need to craft flower money bouquets such as banknotes with specific nominal. Make sure to use one specific nominal to make the bouquet look well-organized. A piece of wire, glue and ribbon are also needed.
  2. After providing the items, Fold the banknotes. Roll the banknotes until they become curl by using your fingertips. Repeat this step.
  3. Take four to six banknotes left. Roll them up to make curly form. Ensure they face the same direction when being folded.
  4. You are almost done crafting a flower money bouquet on this step. Next, add wire to the center part of the flower to make it glued so it will not fall.
  5. To make sure the entire banknotes are sticking to each other, you can add more wire on them. Do it carefully because the wire is way risky to make the banknotes perforated. If you are too afraid of that possibility, you can use glue instead.
  6. For final touches, add ribbon to complete your DIY flower money bouquet.

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Flower Money Bouquet : The Best Gift for Many Occasions (2024)
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