MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (2024)

MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (1)

MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (2)

Discover How to Make Your Diamond Ring Look Even Larger!

Exciting news: certain diamond shapes create the illusion of a larger size. Join us as we reveal the secrets to transforming a popular 1.5 or 2.0 carat diamond ring into a jaw-dropping celebrity-worthy statement piece! Diamond prices are determined by carat weight, and by selecting one of the diamond shapes below, you can make your diamond engagement ring appear larger than its actual size!

Of course, the choice of diamond shape is crucial in expressing your unique style, but it also plays a significant role if size matters to you. Depending on the diamond shape you opt for, the millimeter measurements will vary, resulting in some shapes appearing larger. The diamond shapes featured below may lack depth, but they compensate with a larger table (the top, flat surface area of a diamond), creating the illusion of a bigger stone to the naked eye.

For instance, a Princess Cut (Square Shape) 3.0 carat diamond measures 8.25x8.25mm, featuring a small table yet a deeper diamond. On the other hand, a Marquise 3.0 carat diamond measures 14x7mm, boasting a much larger table but less depth, despite having the same carat weight.

Depth vs. Surface Area

6. Princess Cut Diamond

With clean, square lines and beautiful sparkle, the shape of the Princess Cut is recognizable by its sharp right-angle corners and ranks as our second most popular shape, after the round brilliant cut. Despite its popularity, it is tied for the smallest surface area along with the Asscher and Cushion shapes.

Summary: Carat-for-carat, The Princess Cut always looks smaller.

5. Brilliant Round Cut Diamond

If you thought that the brilliant round diamond center stone looks the biggest on an engagement ring, you would be wrong. Sorry! Sure, it’s the most popular for countless reasons, but because of the depth in an ideal cut, it does not look the biggest overall, specifically when looking down at it on your finger.

Summary: The Brilliant Round cut diamond, even though the most popular shape, will look smaller on your hand compared to a fancy shape diamond.

4. Emerald Cut Diamond

An emerald-shaped diamond is a rectangular shape with blocked (i.e. cut-off) corners. This shape can make the diamond appear bigger because of its large table. In addition, the step cut of an emerald-shaped diamond gives it a mesmerizing “hall of mirrors” look that will also make it appear bigger.

Summary: Emerald Cut Diamonds look larger and they have a unique dimensional look to them.

3. Oval Cut Diamond

The third largest appearing shape is an oval diamond. Its length and larger surface area makes the diamond appear bigger, and an added bonus is that the elongated shape gives the wearer the appearance of long, slender fingers.

Summary: Oval Cut Diamonds appear larger and they are a very flattering shape to your fingers.

MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (5)

2. Pear Cut Diamond

Pear-shaped diamonds are gorgeous and unique, with one side rounded and the other forming a tapered point. The tapered point gives this shape even more surface area than the oval. Get ready to shock people when they find out the actual size of your pear-shaped diamond engagement ring: they’ll think it’s way more carats than it looks!

Summary: A Pear Cut Diamond is the second largest shape and it can be complementary with a pointed manicure.

1. Marquise Cut Diamond

The marquise diamond shape has the largest appearance of any shape. It has a similar elongated look as the oval and pear shapes, but both ends form tapered points. The marquise shape will always look the largest because those tapered points create the largest surface area of all the shapes. As with the pear shape, make sure an expert jeweler helps you evaluate the best settings to compliment and protect the tapered ends.

Summary: The Marquise Cut Diamond shape will always look the biggest, even with the same carat weight as another diamond shape.

MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (6)

More ways to Maximize Your Diamond Size

Whether one of these shapes speaks to your personal style or not, there’s one other thing you can do to maximize your diamond size:

Get The Best Setting

Ideal diamond settings are often overlooked because so much attention is given to the center stone. However, a great setting can really emphasize the diamond and take it from gorgeous to breaktaking. For example, halo settings are gorgeous, but the wrong halo can drown out a center stone. The ring itself is bigger with a halo, but if not done well, the center stone gets lost and looks smaller.

To remedy this, A classic solitaire will perfectly highlight your diamond. With anything north of a 1.25 carat diamond, a solitaire setting is a great choice. The simplicity of the solitaire lets your diamond shine, with no competition.

Lastly, the thinner the band on your setting, the larger the look for your diamond, as well!

Our favorite solitaire settings that highlight the center stone and offer a thin but solid band (so you can wear your gorgeous ring everyday, stress-free!) include the Millie Hidden Halo Engagement Ring features a hidden halo of 0.06ctw lab grown diamonds with a delicate high polish band that measures only 1.5mm, and the Maggie Solitaire Engagement Ring features the solitaire center stone with a delicate, thin metal band measuring only 1.5mm.

What Brilliant Round Cut Diamonds Do Best

Even if the classic Round diamond didn't win for looking the biggest, there is one huge reason why people keep coming back to it. Brilliant round cut diamond shapes maximize the brilliance, scintillation, and fire of a stone. That is, you’ll get the most sparkle from a round-shaped diamond. Along with a great cut, the round shape is optimal for light to enter, refract, and dazzle us with flashes of radiance.

How To Actually Get A Bigger Diamond (and feel good about it)

Maybe an oval, pear, or marquise shape isn’t for you, but you still want that bigger diamond. The truth is, you can get literally double the diamond when you choose a lab grown diamond versus earth-mined. So, if a simple solitaire with a round diamond is your dream, MiaDonna can make it happen. Even better, when you choose to buy a truly ethically sourced and certified Lab Grown Diamond engagement ring with us, you are making the most environmentally-friendly, socially-conscious, and fiscally responsible choice because your purchase gives back 10% to The Greener Diamond Foundation.

MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (11)

In Conclusion: Elongated fancy shaped diamonds tend to have a larger table while being shallower, giving the appearance of a larger diamond on your hand.

Ready to find your dream diamond? Discover MiaDonna’s loose Lab Created Diamond collection and search by shape. To speak to a fine jewelry and diamond expert who can help you decide on a size, shape, setting (and everything else), book a virtual appointment or come visit us at our Portland store!

MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? (2024)


MiaDonna — Which Diamond Shapes Look Bigger? ›

Summary: The Marquise Cut Diamond shape will always look the biggest, even with the same carat weight as another diamond shape.

Which diamond shapes look the biggest? ›

"Marquise and pear shape diamonds look particularly large because their measurements are spread throughout the length of the shape." Gottlieb also advises that bezel settings, halo designs, and three-stone rings are great options that allow a diamond to pop and appear bigger in an engagement ring.

What diamond setting makes it look bigger? ›

Halo or pavé settings encircle the central stone with lots of tiny little diamonds. This will make your diamond appear much bigger than it really is from a distance and even close up, it helps create a feeling of opulence and extravagance.

Do oval or round diamonds look bigger? ›

Because of its elongated shape and weight distribution toward the top of the stone, ovals will appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. This fact is backed up by the overall surface area of the diamond on display. Ovals come out about 10% bigger than round cut diamonds of a similar carat weight.

Do round or princess cut diamonds look bigger? ›

Despite their longer diagonal measurements, princess cuts appear larger to the naked eye than round cuts since they have a greater surface area.

Which diamond shape is timeless? ›

Always Timeless: Round Brilliant

The round brilliant is the most popular diamond and a great choice for the woman who appreciates classic style. A round brilliant cut diamond maximizes the amount of reflected light, giving it incredible sparkle, especially when compared with other cuts.

What diamond shape is trending now? ›

For 2024, the trendiest diamond shapes are round brilliants and elongated cuts such as oval, pear and emerald. Round diamonds are still the most popular of all, but 2024 will see additional shapes continuing to shine.

Which diamond cut looks the smallest? ›

Asscher, princess, cushion, and emerald cut diamonds will all tend to look smaller because of how they're cut. Asscher and princess cut diamonds hold much of their weight below the table meaning they're going to have less spread in their surface area.

Does a halo setting make a diamond look bigger? ›

Buying a halo-set engagement ring is one of the most effective ways to make your diamond band appear larger or to purchase an engagement ring that will appear larger on your ring finger.

Do halos make diamonds look bigger? ›

Halo settings are a stunning choice for a wedding or engagement ring. The main reason Halo diamond engagement rings will make your engagement or wedding diamond look larger is because of the total surface area of diamonds or gemstones, and the increased brilliance.

Which diamond shape is more expensive? ›

The most expensive diamond shape is by far, the round brilliant cut diamond. This cut has 58 facets to reflect the maximum amount of light, making it the most sparkly and brilliant of all the diamond cuts. The round cut diamond requires a lot of skill and precision to cut correctly, which adds to its high cost.

What shape diamond holds the best value? ›

Popularity On The Market

For example, because round diamonds are the most popular and desired diamond shape, a round diamond will fetch a higher price on the secondhand market than, say, a marquise diamond with the exact same attributes. The more popular the diamond shape, the more those diamonds will fetch.

Is a 2 carat diamond considered to be big? ›

A 2-carat diamond is considered large compared to the average size of diamonds used for engagement rings. The average diamond size for engagement rings is around 1.0 to 1.5 carats. Therefore, a 2-carat diamond stands out significantly and offers a more pronounced appearance on the finger.

Why are princess cut diamonds not popular? ›

Clarity, Color, Careless

One of the big bummers about princess cut diamonds is that they tend to show off inclusions and color a bit more than a round brilliant.

Why are princess cut diamonds less popular? ›

Durability. Since the corners of a princess cut diamond may snag, they're likely to chip.

What is more expensive princess cut or round? ›

Created by Arpad Nagy in 1961 and popularized by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980, princess stones are typically cut into a square shape. That being said, square shapes are more expensive than more rectangular shapes. Princess diamonds are typically more affordable than round diamonds.

What carat diamond looks big? ›

For the average person in the U.S., any diamond at least between 2 and 2.4 carats is considered “big,” i.e., way more than enough.

What diamond shape looks best on chubby fingers? ›

Short, chubby fingers – Pear, Marquise or Oval

Women with short, chubby fingers should try elongated shapes such as Pear, Marquise or Oval as they will tend to make fingers look long and slender.

Does a diamond look bigger with 4 or 6 prongs? ›

A 6-prong setting can make a round diamond appear slightly larger from a distance due to the hexagonal shape formed by the prongs. However, this effect may be less noticeable with fancy-shaped diamonds. The size of the diamond itself is the main factor determining how big it will look.

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