Top 10 Most Affordable Diamond Shapes (2024)

Diamond lovers know that there are endless diamond shapes to select from. From the classic round to the playful pear, there is a diamond cut to suit style. But which diamond shape is the most affordable?

Keep reading as we rank the most affordable diamond shapes and show you where you can shop for beautiful diamonds of all shapes at unbeatable prices.

What Are The Most Affordable Diamond Shapes?

Below are the top ten most popular diamond shapes ranked from most to least affordable:

1. Cushion: Named for its soft, pillow-like appearance, cushion-cut diamonds are square with rounded corners. Shop our selection of cushion-cut diamond engagement rings here.

2. Princess: Princess-cut diamonds are one of the most popular fancy shaped diamonds with a modern, square shape and pointed corners

3. Marquise: Marquise diamonds have an elongated oval shape with curved sides and two pointed ends.

4. Radiant: These square-shaped diamonds have trimmed corners that are less prone to damage, making them a popular alternative to princess diamonds.

5. Heart: This romantic diamond shape is shaped like a love heart, with two symmetrical curves and a pointed bottom.

6. Asscher: Asschers are another square diamond shape with cropped corners, however what sets them apart from radiant and cushion diamonds are their step-cuts which create a mirror like effect.

7. Pear: Known for their teardrop shape, pear diamonds are a unique combination of round and marquise diamonds with a round bottom and narrow, pointed end.

8. Emerald: Not to be mistaken for the green gemstone, emerald cut diamonds are rectangular, art deco style diamonds with step-cuts.

9. Oval: Oval-cut diamonds are a modern take on rounds, fashioned with a flattering oval shape.

10. Round: The most timeless diamond shape, the round-cut diamond, is also the most expensive because of its exceptional brilliance, high market demand and because it yields less when cut from a piece of rough than other shapes. Shop our selection of discounted round-cut diamond engagement rings at prices that give more dazzle for the dollar.

Top 3 Most Affordable Diamond Shapes

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 most affordable diamond shapes:

1. Cushion

Ranking number one as the most affordable diamond shape, cushion-cut diamonds are a great choice for an elegant yet price-conscious purchase.

Price-savvy brides adore cushion cut diamonds and this elegant shape has been experiencing a serious revival in popularity over the last few years. The cushion’s larger facets allow light to efficiently travel throughout the diamond creating a captivating sparkle.

And as the most popular diamond shape during the 1800s and early 1900s, they offer a vintage vibe. Older cushion diamonds have 57 facets while newer cushions boast 64 facets.

Best of all, thanks to its soft, rounded edges you never haveto worry about any sharp corners getting chipped.

2. Princess

Not only are princess-cut diamonds one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes, but they are also one of the most affordable.

Princess-cut diamonds are so affordable because less raw diamond needs to be removed during the cutting process to make this shape. These square diamonds boast a modern, geometric style and glamorous sparkle.

Be sure to get a princess diamond withprongs that cover its pointed corners to protect from any accidental chipping.

3. Marquise

This playful diamond shape is rumored to be named after the lips of Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV.

Also known as navette, which means 'little ship' in French, the marquise’s long curved body and pointed ends effortlessly elongate the wearer’s fingers.

Due to its elongated shape, marquise diamonds look larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight, allowing you to purchase a sizeable diamond without draining your wallet.

How To Buy Affordable Diamonds

The single best way to buy affordable diamonds is to shop pre-owned. Why? Because while pre-owned diamonds and jewelry do not look any different from their new counterparts, they are available at a fraction of the retail price.

Not only is shopping for pre-owned diamonds a financially savvy option, it is also incredibly environmentally friendly. Buying pre-owned diamonds ensures that you do not contribute to environmental damage caused by diamond and gold mining, all while extending the life of an existing diamond.

At myGemma, we sell a wide array of pre-owned diamonds and diamond jewelry at up to 80% off retail prices. Shop loose diamonds as well as beloved brands such as , , Harry Winston, and much more.

With savings like these, affording your next favorite piece of diamond jewelry has never been easier. To make your next diamond purchase even more affordable, we offer easy monthly payments with our partner Affirm, free US shipping and a 14-day return policy.

How To Sell Diamonds Online

If, on the other hand, you are looking to sell your diamonds or diamond jewelry, myGemma ishere to help.

From price quote to payment, the entire selling process with myGemma can take as little as 24 hours. Simply fill out the online form to get started.

Please note that for loose diamonds or non-branded engagement rings, myGemma only buys GIA diamond rings of 0.5ct or above.We also do not buy colored diamonds less than 0.5ct, lab-grown or rough diamonds, moissanite, or cubic zirconia.

Sell Diamonds Online

Top 10 Most Affordable Diamond Shapes (2024)


What diamond shape costs the most? ›

The most expensive diamond shape is by far, the round brilliant cut diamond. This cut has 58 facets to reflect the maximum amount of light, making it the most sparkly and brilliant of all the diamond cuts. The round cut diamond requires a lot of skill and precision to cut correctly, which adds to its high cost.

Which diamond is the cheapest? ›

The pear or marquise cut is often the least expensive diamond form. Because they are less common than round, princess, and cushion cuts, these diamond shapes are less expensive. It's crucial to remember that a diamond's price is also influenced by carat weight, color, clarity, and cut quality.

What is the most desired diamond shape? ›

1. ROUND BRILLIANT DIAMOND. By far the most popular cut is the Round Brilliant, with it's fifty-seven perfectly aligned facets it's brilliance really does out-shine the others.

What diamond shape gives the most sparkle? ›

Round Brilliant Cut

The round cut is the most brilliant or the most sparkling diamond cut. Fifty-eight facets (including the culet) are cut into brilliant round diamonds to allow light to pass through and reflect off each facet.

Which shape diamond has best resale value? ›

Because so much of the stone ends up being discarded and because it requires such an expert hand, round diamond cuts often necessitate a higher price as well as a higher resale value.

What is the least popular diamond shape? ›

The three least known diamond shapes
  • Ashley Bean. Pear.
  • Emerald.
  • Gray Box Studios. Emerald Halo Ring.
Mar 10, 2021

Which diamond cut looks smallest? ›

Certain diamond shapes will have an adverse effect and look smaller per carat. As you may guess, the more proportionate diamond cuts will be the ones to avoid if you want a bigger looking diamond. Asscher, princess, cushion, and emerald cut diamonds will all tend to look smaller because of how they're cut.

What size diamond is best value for money? ›

If the stone is destined for jewelry, you will typically get more bang for your back buying a diamond just below the 1.00ct threshold. Visually, the slight difference in carat weight is meaningless; a 0.99 ct stone looks the same size as a 1.00ct.

What is the lowest quality diamond? ›

The lowest grade is I3 which stands for included and will usually lack the transparency and brilliance associated with diamonds. Most people opt to purchase SI1 (slightly included) or VS2 (very slightly included diamonds.

How can you tell a cheap diamond? ›

Color: Diamonds are graded on a color scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Colorless diamonds, which are rarer, fall on the higher end of the scale and are more expensive. Cheaper diamonds may have noticeable coloration. Clarity: This refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes.

What is a cheap diamond called? ›

Simulated diamonds are also known as diamond simulants and include things like cubic zirconia (CZ), moissanite, and YAG. They can also include some natural clear gemstones like white sapphire, white zircon or even clear quartz.

What cut of diamond is most affordable? ›

Although it is still quite subjective, it is the radiant cut that is probably the most affordable among the most popular fancy shapes. Any of the fancy shape diamonds offer good value for money per carat against the round brilliant - in order the Asscher, emerald, radiant, cushion, and princess cuts.

Which diamond cut is classy? ›

The marquise cut is the ultimate in elegance. Its oval shape meets in pointed ends, resembling the hull of a ship—this cut is also known as the Navette cut (meaning “l*ttle boat” in French). In addition to being unique, this cut is also great for someone looking to create the illusion of elongated hands.

What diamond shape is trending in 2024? ›

Trending Diamond Shapes in 2024: This year, diamond shapes and cuts are taking center stage with captivating variety. The diamond cuts that would trend this year according to Anita Diamonds analysis are round, emerald, princess and oval.

What is the cheapest version of a diamond? ›

Moissanite is the cheaper diamond alternative stone after lab-grown diamond. The brilliance of the Moissanite is the identical mark of the stone. Most couples who want to make a promise about a wedding or a better future relationship they opted for this diamond substitute.

Does diamond shape affect price? ›

How Do Different Diamond Shapes Affect The Price? The Diamond cut price difference for diamonds with the same cut quality and carat weight often comes down to the diamond shape. The more popular and rare the diamond shape, the more it will cost.

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