Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most? (2024)

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Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most? (1)

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  • Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most? (5)

    By Guy Ballard
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      Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most? (2024)


      Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most? ›

      For the highest quality and sparkle, opt for a round brilliant cut diamond with 58 facets that reflect white light. With its renowned brilliance and eye-catching display of glittering sparks, this is one cut diamond everyone desires.

      What cut makes a diamond sparkle the most? ›

      Round brilliant cut diamonds have the most sparkle among all shapes of diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds have 58 facets including the culet. This allows light to enter the diamond and reflect from every facet, thus, creating a beautiful sparkle.

      Which diamond cut sparkles the least? ›

      Rose Cuts. Unlike step cuts or brilliant cuts, the lower halves of rose cuts are relatively flat. While this means they can be low profile, they don't feature the same brilliant sparkle.

      What is the prettiest cut of diamonds? ›

      1. ROUND BRILLIANT DIAMOND. By far the most popular cut is the Round Brilliant, with it's fifty-seven perfectly aligned facets it's brilliance really does out-shine the others. Total internal reflection is the key here; light travels through the stone giving optimum sparkle and scintillation.

      What is the most sought after diamond cut? ›

      Round brilliant cut diamonds are easily the most expensive diamond shape. In part, that's because round is the most popular diamond shape. More than half of all the diamonds sold today are round diamonds. This incredible popularity means that diamond miners and retailers can charge more for such an in-demand shape.

      What cut makes a diamond look biggest? ›

      The marquise diamond shape has the largest appearance of any shape. It has a similar elongated look as the oval and pear shapes, but both ends form tapered points. The marquise shape will always look the largest because those tapered points create the largest surface area of all the shapes.

      How to get the sparkliest diamond? ›

      Pay attention to cutting style.

      The more facets a diamond has, the more reflective surfaces there are to bounce and scatter light. A round brilliant cut diamond with its 57 or 58 facets will appear to have more sparkle than a single-cut diamond with only 17 or 18 facets.

      What cut diamond holds its value the best? ›

      They are classic with timeless quality, which means round cut brilliant diamonds also tend to retain and appreciate the most in value. We sell more round cut diamonds than any other shape. That means the pricing needs to be comparable because these are regularly in high demand.

      What diamond chain shines the most? ›

      Often, diamond cuts with more facets have the most sparkle, but more isn't necessarily better. In fact, the ideal number of facets on a diamond is 58.

      Which diamond cut is timeless? ›

      Always Timeless: Round Brilliant

      The round brilliant is the most popular diamond and a great choice for the woman who appreciates classic style. A round brilliant cut diamond maximizes the amount of reflected light, giving it incredible sparkle, especially when compared with other cuts.

      What is a poor cut diamond? ›

      A poor cut means that the diamond has been cut in a way that does not optimize its potential for sparkle and brilliance. This can happen for a number of reasons, including: The diamond was cut too shallow or too deep.

      What cut is Kim Kardashian diamond? ›

      Schwartz described the stone as the "perfect cushion cut diamond". The diamond has Flawless clarity and D color! It also is a type IIa diamond - the most valued and purest type of diamonds.

      What is the most popular diamond cut in 2024? ›

      For 2024, the trendiest diamond shapes are round brilliants and elongated cuts such as oval, pear and emerald.

      Which diamond cut is the most sparkly? ›

      The round diamond cut has the perfect number of facets and offers complex results. These facets interplay to produce exceptional brilliance, reflecting light by themselves to produce a magical sparkle. Therefore, the most brilliant, or sparkliest, diamond cut is the brilliant round cut.

      What is the cheapest cut of diamond? ›

      According to industry experts, some of the most affordable diamond shapes are the oval, cushion, and princess cuts, often costing between 20% and 30% less than a round cut.

      What is the perfect cut diamond? ›

      An ideal cut diamond is a round, brilliant, or princess cut diamond that is cut to ideal proportions and angles and has excellent polish and symmetry ratings. An ideal cut diamond reflects almost all the light that enters it, and is among the rarest cuts.

      Which diamond cut holds its value? ›

      Popularity. When considering how much diamonds are worth, something to keep in mind is that round stones are the most popular choice in the market – making them the best diamond cut. They are classic with timeless quality, which means round cut brilliant diamonds also tend to retain and appreciate the most in value.

      What is the most important to make a diamond sparkle? ›

      The diamond cut that sparkles the most is the one with the most facets. Round diamonds are usually the ones cut with the most facets; and therefore, radiate more sparkle than some other cuts.

      Which property of diamond makes it sparkle? ›

      The refractive index of diamonds is extremely high which is responsible for the sparkling of diamonds.

      What cut diamond shines brilliantly due to? ›

      The correct answer is total internal reflection. Total internal reflection is a complete reflection of a ray of light within a medium such as water or glass from the surrounding surfaces back into the medium.

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