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Please contact us for a price on a corral, price depends on size, options and delivery location.
Standard: capacity of 60 cow/calf pairs, or up to 120 800# calves
Large: capacity of 150 cow/calf pairs, or up to 300 800# calves
Super Large: capacity of 250 cow/calf pairs, or up to 500 800# calves

One person can set up the Wrangler Portable Corral in about ten minutes ready to contain 150-400 head of cattle without lifting a panel. The self contained system easily pulls down the highway at the speed limit and fits thru any gate your pickup will. Works on extremely uneven terrain. Over 20 different corral configurations are possible. Wheels on each panel and a electric over hydraulic jack eliminate lifting and saves time. Includes frame gates for sorting. And now comes standard with a solar power charging unit so you battery is being charged whether it's at the farm or in the field. Patent Pending

1. Driven through with a pickup
2 .No lifting or levers
3. No climbing over panels, we have 4-man pass gates on every corral
4. Easily pull any speed limit
5. Multiple pens for sorting
6. Works on uneven ground
7.Our standard corral has more capacity than our competitors largest corrals
8. 1 man set-up
9. Converts to alley for use with squeeze chute, headgate, or loading chute
10. Corral has built in adjustable alleyway
11. Available in gooseneck or bumper hitch models

Both Large and Standard Wrangler Portable Corrals come with a built in alleyway frame that can be folded out and connected to the 8'bowgate/13'panel and make a 28" alleyway to load out cattle either end or simply to catch a critter in.

The Wrangler Portable Corral is the only corral on the market where you can move panels around the system to make different pen configurations and it will still fold up on to the frame without having to put them back in their original place.


Self contained power unit
4 man pass gates
Largest capacity corral
Solar battery charging unit
No lifting (hydraulic jacks)
Panels made of 2" round
Solid rubber wheels on panels, no flats!
2-bow gates for sorting
Built in alleyway
Multiple pen options

Choice of Automatic, or Manual,FORMOST Head Gate
Standard Receiver Hitch with Adjustable Hitch on the Rear
Standard Tail Lights

*2 position axle -- this will let you keep the benefits of a tight wheel spacing to get into the tightest places but the ability to move wheels to the rear position to take advantage of the headgate attachment option and the rear tow hitch option.

*In frame animal access doors -- These gates are now built into every Wrangler corral. A palpation door will open across the alley and latch no matter what setting the alleyway width is at. 2 independent access doors are right in front of the palpation door giving you access to the rear 1/3 of most large animals. Another door in front of the independent doors allows you access to the middle of the animal and also acts as a palpation door when a chute is being used at the end of the alley instead of the head gate attachment. Swing out doors at the bottom of both sides of the head gate attachment give access to the front of the animal.

*Headgate attachment -- we now offer the attachment you see on the flyer that allows you to put a headgate on the rear of the corral to be able to work cattle while still out at pasture. This attachment gives you full access to the front of the animal and gives the operator plenty of room between the rear corral frame and the headgate.

*Spare tire option -- The tire & rim is held into place on the corral frame by using a U-bolt and bracket that fits up against a tab welded on all corrals frames keeping it secure and out of the way.

*Light duty hitch option -- This allows you to bring along a small trailer to haul a 4 wheeler, a portable squeeze chute, or a portable loading chute. Not designed for heavier trailers or a stock trailer.

View Videos of Setup and Take Down of the Corral at the address below: If you need financing enter your quoted price in the box on the website and then enter your email and your financing information will be emailed to you.


Standard Size Wrangler Portable Corral

50 Pairs or 100 Cows
Linn Post & Pipe Wrangler Corral Standard

Standard Set-up Includes

9 - 20′ Panels
1 - 13′ Panels
1 - 10′ Gate

2 - 8′ Bow Gates

Large Size Wrangler Portable Corral

100 Pairs or 200 Cows
Linn Post & Pipe Wrangler Corral Large
Linn Post & Pipe Wrangler Portable Corral Large

Large Set-up Includes

12 - 20′ Panels
1 - 13′ Panels
1 - 10′ Gate

2 - 8′ Bow Gates

Super Large Size Wrangler Portable Corral

150 Pairs or 300 Cows
Linn Post & Pipe Wrangler Corral Super Large

Super Large Set-up Includes

15 - 20′ Panels
1 - 13′ Panels
1 - 10′ Gate

2 - 8′ Bow Gates

Call us to make an appointment to view this setup. All orders must be paid for in full before delivery, by cash,check

Wrangler Portable Corral System in (3)-Sizes-Delivery & Financing - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)
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