$10,000 Engagement Ring Buying Guide (2024)

Are you looking for the perfectengage​ment ring? Perhaps one that offers a bit more than just a diamond? If so, then $10,000 is an excellent budget to work with. You may have heard by now that $10,000 engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. The average of spending $5,000 on your engagement ring may soon be a thing of the past. To ensure that you get the best deal possible on your dream ring, we put together this detailed shopping guide!

Your diamond needs to be certified!

A Diamond is one of the most important investment pieces you will ever make. It should be treated with respect and care, just like your love or money would be if it was in your hands - after all, diamonds can last for centuries while stocks only go up until they fall back down again. Why not take that extra step to ensure safety when buying? Get yourself a grading report on any stone before making purchase decisions so you don't get ripped off by less-than-ethical merchants who are looking to game their customers out of cash without much thought put into integrity. Some of the most popular and respectable certifications are GIA, AGS, GCAL, and Diamond Foundry.

Why Buying Online Is a Smart Choice

We strongly recommend considering online diamond jewelry vendors to get the best quality engagement ring for $10,000 (or a similar amount). This is because if you buy a diamond ring from online stores, you will likely get a better deal than you would find from a brick-and-mortar jeweler. A diamond engagement ring from brick-and-mortar stores are often overpriced because of their overhead costs attributed to expensive storefronts, stockroom space, and staffing costs associated with running physical locations every day. You will end up paying much less yet still have access to high-quality diamonds. So, it's hard to know how much money is actually being saved when buying directly from them!

What to look for in your diamond

Understanding the intricacies of diamond quality can be a daunting task for any shopper, but it becomes infinitely simpler when you know what to look for. Here are 4 things that will help guide your shopping experience:

#1 Cut

An excellent cut grade is essential for a beautiful diamond. Diamond cut refers to the quality of a diamond’s proportions and symmetry. These elements determine how much light is captured by the gemstone, which determines its sparkle level. The skill of an artisan who shapes and cuts it has a direct impact on this property as well. For example, you will see that higher grade stones have significantly more sparkle than lower graded ones when comparing two diamonds with different cut grades. The difference can also be seen in their price point. Higher-grade diamonds command a considerably greater cost because they are so valuable!

$10,000 Engagement Ring Buying Guide (1)

Tremendous sparkle. Excellent polish and symmetry.

Ideal cut diamonds

#2 Clarity

Clarity refers to a diamond's natural inclusions or lack thereof. Clarity can be an important factor when looking for diamonds because some flaws may only show up under close inspection and could potentially ruin the appearance of the whole stone. The lowest clarity grade within the Ritani diamond inventory is SI2. These diamonds may have small visible inclusions upon close inspection. The best clarity grade possible is Flawless, however, these diamonds are extremely rare and therefore extremely expensive. To be absolutely certain your diamond has no visible inclusions, choose a diamond with a VVS2 clarity grade or higher. Make sure to always view HD imagery of your diamond before purchasing it!

#3 Color

The color of a diamond is graded on the D-Z scale. D-colored diamonds are completely colorless, while Z-colored diamonds will have a noticeable yellow or brown tint. The lowest color grade we offer is L - these diamonds have a noticeable yellow tint.

Colorless diamonds (D, E, F) are very rare, making them much more valuable. To save on your engagement ring, choose a near-colorless stone, like one with a G or H color grade. These diamonds will face up as white and are far less expensive than colorless diamonds, allowing you to select a larger diamond or a better cut grade.

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Colorless (D, E, F): Pairs well with platinum, palladium, and white gold.

Near-Colorless (G, H, I, J): Pairs well with white, yellow, or rose gold.

Noticeable Color (K, L): Pairs well with yellow gold or rose gold color color vs1 vs1 certified

#4 Carat

Carat weight is one factor that determines the size of a diamond. However, two diamonds with the same carat weight can be different sizes depending on other variables such as their weight distribution, shape, and cut quality. We recommend seeking a balance between cut and carat weight in order to ensure a beautifully sparkling jewel for its appearance rather than only focusing on overall weight alone.

$10,000 Engagement Ring Buying Guide (3)

Diamonds that appear larger than other stones of the same carat weight include marquise-cut diamonds, oval-cut diamonds, and pear-cut diamonds. These diamonds have a large surface area, making them appear bigger. They are also known to produce a flattering, slendering effect on the finger, making them ideal for an engagement ring.

Best Engagement rings under $10,000

With a budget of $10,000 to spend on an engagement ring, you have plenty of options. You can choose from straightforward yet elegant styles like solitaire or pavé sidestone rings, with most of your money going towards the diamond itself. Or try something slightly more ornate and fancy such as halo style that's both simple in design but also expensive at heart for those wanting added flair!

The best engagement rings under $10,000 are as diverse and unique as the love story that they represent. From vintage to modern styles in a range of metals including white gold or platinum; there's something for everyone who is looking for an affordable ring with some serious style. Here are 3 types of engagement rings you can get for under $10,000.

Halo Engagement Rings

$10,000 Engagement Ring Buying Guide (4)

Masterwork Cushion Halo Diamond 'V' Band Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold - $4,431 (Setting Only)

A halo setting is a ring that features tiny diamonds surrounding the center stone, producing more sparkle and making your center stone look larger. A high-carat center diamond will look even larger in a halo setting because of all of the surrounding stones. No matter your budget, this style will give your diamond much more shine than other types of settings would be able to provide.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

$10,000 Engagement Ring Buying Guide (5)

French-set Diamond Band Engagement Ring in 18kt White Gold - $1,764 (Setting Only)

For that perfect engagement ring, try a cushion cut diamond. This popular diamond shape combines the best of both worlds: an edgy square shape with rounded edges for those who want something quirky, or more traditional round corners to match your clean and modern tastes. Cushion cuts are often used in vintage settings where their soft glow is complemented by intricate details like filigree work; they also look great when paired with simple but elegant solitaire band rings in a cleaner ring design!

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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Masterwork Halo Diamond Band Engagement Ring in 14kt White Gold - $3,896 (Setting Only)

A princess cut engagement ring features a square-shaped diamond that offers excellent fire and brilliance. This fancy shaped diamond is designed from the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond. A princess-cut diamond has pointed corners, clean, modern lines, and lots of sparkle, making it perfect for those who love to dress up their ring with bling!

Solitaire Engagement Rings

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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring With Pavé Tulip Detail in 14kt White Gold - $3,035 (Setting Only)

Solitaire engagement rings are the most popular style of a diamond ring, with a single center stone and a plain band. Across all diamond types from natural to lab grown, this classic ring design is one of the most popular styles for an engagement ring next to the halo setting! For many people, this choice offers elegance with its simplicity. In fact, in TheKnot's recent survey of over 7000 engaged women, 25% received solitaires as their engagement ring- which proves just how much it stands out amongst today's trends!

How big of a diamond can you get for $10000?

How many carats is a 10,000 dollar diamond engagement ring? If you're looking for an engagement ring under $10,000 then I would recommend that you go with something around 0.90-1-carat and 1.5-carat stones depending on your budget and what quality of diamond suits it best! A 2-carat diamond or slightly bigger diamond may be possible if the grade isn't too high.

Engagement ring budget

If you're looking for an engagement ring, don't spend three months' salary on one. We believe that you should do whatever is right for your budget - and remember: there are plenty of beautiful rings out there without breaking the bank! Setting a budget will ensure that it doesn't get too pricey; once proposed to, we all know weddings cost can accumulate down the line.

If wedding planning has got your head spinning with its ongoing expenses (like paying off tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt), then choosing carefully when purchasing an engagement ring can be just what's needed as well as setting budgets. Hence, things stay affordable at first glance rather than letting them spiral into something more costly later. Choose wisely, knowing this could potentially help save yourself.


With a $10,000 engagement ring budget, you'll be able to buy an elegant diamond and equally beautiful setting that will make for the perfect momentous occasion.

In this price range of 10 thousand dollars or less, there are plenty of opportunities available, with each choice being more than capable of making your wedding day memorable. With so many options at hand, it can become challenging to decide what works best for you but do not worry! If you need any help, you can contact us. We'll be by your side every step along the way providing expert advice such as picking out which diamond will suit you better depending on personal preferences.

$10,000 Engagement Ring Buying Guide (2024)


Is $10,000 a good budget for an engagement ring? ›

Are you looking for the perfect engage​ment ring? Perhaps one that offers a bit more than just a diamond? If so, then $10,000 is an excellent budget to work with.

What is a realistic amount to spend on an engagement ring? ›

While engagement rings are a pricy investment, the usual cost tends to be below $10,000, with a national average of $6,000, according to The Knot's 2022 Jewelry and Engagement Study.

What is an acceptable amount to pay for an engagement ring? ›

How much should you spend on an engagement ring? According to the classic engagement ring cost rule, you should spend three months' salary on an engagement ring for your loved one – after all, they'll be wearing that ring for the rest of their life.

What is the formula for buying an engagement ring? ›

It's known as the "three months' salary" rule, and it implies that a buyer should put three months of their salary toward a sparkler for their future spouse. For context, The Knot's 2023 Jewelry and Engagement study found that the average cost of an engagement ring in the US is $5,500.

How many carats will 10,000 buy? ›

Typically, a $10,000 budget can allow you to buy a diamond between 0.75 carats and 2 carats. If you opt for a 0.75-carat stone, it measures about 5.7 mm. Meanwhile, the 2-carat diamond measures about 8.1 mm.

What is the 3 month salary rule? ›

Believe it or not, the 3-months salary engagement rule comes from a popular marketing campaign in the 1930s in which, they suggested that true love and loyalty could only be displayed if a man spent his entire month's salary on an engagement ring.

Is $20,000 too much for engagement ring? ›

An engagement ring budget of $20,000 is much higher than the median amount spent on diamond rings. While $6,000 is the national average cost of a ring, everybody's financial situation is different.

Is $15000 too much for an engagement ring? ›

If your budget for an engagement ring is as high as $15,000, you'll be able to focus on personal style preferences, more so than simply figuring out what you can afford that fits your budget. In our article discussing how much should you spend on an engagement ring, we note that 15k is well above the average consumer.

What is the rule of thumb for engagement ring? ›

One rule suggests spending two months' salary/gross income on the engagement ring cost alone; however, this is really a personal decision and each couple should decide what's right for them.

Is $6,000 too much for an engagement ring? ›

Average cost of an engagement ring

In 2022, couples spent an average of about $6,000 on an engagement ring, according to The Knot 2022 Real Weddings Study.

Is $5,000 dollars good for an engagement ring? ›

Absolutely! A $5,000 can get you a beautiful, high-quality diamond and setting. You can easily buy a 2-carat lab diamond or in some cases even a 2.5-carat lab-grown diamond ring with this budget. It all comes down to the quality of diamond that you choose.

How much should an engagement ring cost a 3 month salary? ›

Three months' salary looks very different for different people. Think about it. If you make $100,000 a year, you're supposed to spend $25,000 on an engagement ring. If you make $200,000, the ring clocks in at $50,0000.

Is $7,000 enough for an engagement ring? ›

With that in mind, Kristina Buckley Kayel, managing director and CMO at the Natural Diamond Council, shares that "The average engagement ring price sold in 2021 and 2022 was around $6,500 to $7,000." However, some to-be-weds spend a lot less and some spend a whole lot more (hence why this is an average estimate), and ...

Is $30,000 a lot for an engagement ring? ›

Diamond cut, weight, and quality are the biggest factors in an engagement ring's final cost. With a $30000 budget, you can easily find a ring with an impressive diamond of high color and clarity grades. However, the wide range of options available for this price may be overwhelming.

What is the most cost effective way to buy an engagement ring? ›

A great way to save money when purchasing an engagement ring is to buy a pre-owned, or estate, engagement ring. There are some incredible rings out there that can be bought for much cheaper than the original price.

Is 15000 a lot to spend on an engagement ring? ›

If your budget for an engagement ring is as high as $15,000, you'll be able to focus on personal style preferences, more so than simply figuring out what you can afford that fits your budget. In our article discussing how much should you spend on an engagement ring, we note that 15k is well above the average consumer.

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