Can lab grown diamonds be appraised? (2024)

What is the difference between diamond certification and appraisal? Although they might seem similar, they serve different purposes.

Diamond certification is a scientific examination of a diamond that analyses the color, clarity, physical dimensions, weight, and other related parameters. The certificate doesn't state the price, just the characteristics of the stone.

In contrast, an appraisal reports mostly focus on the commercial aspect. An expert assesses the current market value of the diamond and documents it in an appraisal report. Usually, the appraisal report is required for insurance purposes. The value of the stone in an appraisal varies depending on whom, why, and where it's ordered.

On average, such papers overstate the characteristics of diamonds, resulting in prices that are 2–4 times higher than the market value.

It is recommended to value diamonds worth up to $1,000 with low M-Z/I1-I3 characteristics, as they are the safest to evaluate.

Can lab grown diamonds be appraised? (2024)
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