Sweet Baby Ray's Bbq Sauce (2024)

Caramel is known to have whey in it which makes a lot of people sick. Whey is the highly concentrated milk protein that was “invented” by milk scientists messing with milk in the 1990s to make it have a longer shelf life. They burn the milk for a few seconds then they do other things tomake it taste better again because during market research people hated the taste. So... now the USA have been mass marketing the whey and sodium casseinate which are the milk proteins that the altered milk separated out and now has way too much of. This is what created “dairy intolerance” but very few people even know about all this. I’ve done e tens I’ve research for years and have a blog about all the poisons and horrible stuff the food manufacturers are doing to our food supply. The FDA knows this and about the incredibly high inorganic arsenic content in rice and wheat from the pesticides and they have research on the FDA website sincethe 1960’s with scientific research reports for anyone to read that says that about 8 people WILL get Cancer from every 1 cup of rice in the USA every cupfor 250-550 ppb of inorganic arsenic which IS in many rices! Organic baby food brown rice by Gerber is/was the one with the highest concentration of inorganic arsenic giving 8 babies Cancer per cup!!! This is true data from the FDA and from many countries researching this topic and it all being in the FDA research ontheir website. There’s so much more I could teach you about your “Celiac” and food reactions. I have been diagnosed with so many illnesses it’s insane, but ALL is from pesticides ruining my body’s because my body doesn’t have a highability to process poisons like some other bodies do. My diagnoses are: Celiac, Dairy intolerance, arthritis, severely narrowing foramen,degenerative spine disease, dailyheadaches, severe constant pain, and high blood pressure. I was bed-ridden Dec 2016. I had to learn or I would be in really bad shape!
Milk protein is worse for me than gluten. I don’t know if that’s what is going on as to why people are getting sick off Baby Rays but perhaps find out if you have a reaction to caramel and/orwhey.

Sweet Baby Ray's Bbq Sauce (2024)
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